Issues with transform widget / pivot point offset

Hi everyone,

I have the transform widget sitting way far away from my imported meshes.
I did zero out in Blender before exporting so not sure why its doing that.
BSP actors inside the editor are fine. Their transform widgets are sitting nicely WITH the mesh…
According to the documentation I am supposed to be able to click middle mouse button on the center point of the widget and adjust the pivot offset of a mesh.
However with my mouse the entire viewer drags around, Doesn’t work.
Using a Logitech M310 laser mouse with scroll wheel / middle mouse button.
I finally fixed the issue by going into the transform properties of the mesh and adjusting the pivot offset
of X, Y and Z.
So I got the widget back to the mesh.
Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a much easier way to snap the widget to the mesh?
Thank you for your kind answers.

I think I figured out why this is happening. In Blender I had a huge offset between transform widget and mesh. I guess Unreal remembers that when you bring it in. In Blender there is a way to set the widget back to the center of the “mass” of the mesh. Now it comes in right with the widget in U4 not sitting way out there. I guess if it comes in with an offset then I have to offset it again inside U4 again to correct it.