Issues with tooltips in UE4 Editor [Ubuntu 16.04]

Quickly moving the mouse over anything that has a tooltip causes the FPS to drop significantly. Furthermore, doing it in menus makes the entire UI freeze for a short period of time. Watch the video for a demonstration: - YouTube

Ubuntu 16.04,
i3 3.07GHz,
Geforce GTX 750

simular problem
but with artifacts

gentoo amd64

asus-g75vw gtx660m 20gbram

In KDE, that issue occurs because OpenGL applications turn off compositing by default. You have to disable that from System Settings.
See more here:

I know it is not a real solution for you guys but I really can’t recommend using Unity as DE for UE4. It makes the UE4Editor super slow and laggy. Personally I am using XFCE and have no problems with the issues from above. When I use UE4Editor on the Unity DE it gets quite slow.
It is a known issue that the smear effect appears when you don’t have a compositor but you can switch your compositor off to make things faster but be aware that it might cause “smear” effects like issue as @brothermechanic mentioned.

Thanks for your feedback.

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