Issues with the timeline function in blueprints

Hello, im fairly new to all of this so i need some help. (2Dsidescroller game)

I’m trying to create an enemy with basic movement and shooting. When the enemy isnt moving, the projectiles come out fine, but when i add movement to the enemy, the projectiles gets destroyed instantly on spawn. It seems to have something to do with the Update output on the Timeline function (when i remove the output the enemy shoots fine but doesnt have any movement).

Anyone got any ideas or a different way to approach this kind of problem?

I think the projectile is hitting the enemy’s collision and getting destroyed. Can you try disabling the collision of the enemy unit to test it out? If it is the case, you might have to spawn it a bit away from the enemy based on his direction of movement.

Sorry i forgot to mention, the collision is already disabled for projectile and enemy. Even if i spawn the projectile far away from the enemy, it will still get destroyed on spawn, just further away from the enemys position.

Are you using a ‘Destroy actor’ node anywhere for your projectiles?

Yes, in the projectile blueprint it has an eventonhit → destroy actor (or component?) i believe, unfortuanetly i don’t have access to the blueprint right now, i will confirm tomorrow

Just did some further testing, and it seems while the enemy is moving from left to right on the X-axis, the projectiles comes out fine, but if the enemy is moving up and down on the Z-axis, the projectiles are destroyed on spawn. I really cant figure it out

Okay i fixed it, there was an issue with Point A/B where they weren’t on the same Y-axis which somehow made it buggy.