Issues with Terrain creation

Hello Everyone,

 I work at a MakerLab that recently acquired an Oculus Rift, so I have been messing around with some tutorials to hopefully be able to help individuals come in and work on projects related to the headset. This all boils down to the fact that I am pretty new to this field. I was following a endless runner tutorial located

and I had an issue where the creator at 5:39 simulates his game, and the functions that he has created spawn a basic floor tile that created. When I go to simulate nothing appears. I have a rudimentary understanding of programming, but I am getting no errors when I compile, so I assume that there must be some section or miscommunication in my design that is still finding a way to function, just not in the intended way. I cannot find it to save my life. I will attach several screen shots that show how my setup appears, and so my question is simply; Do any of you see where my design went astray? Please let me know if I can answer any questions or help at all, and thank you for your help.