Issues with shadows/reflections on movie render queue

Hello Everybody, i’m having some issues during my tris on movie render queue. i’m trying to use a planar reflection to get some nice reflections out from the water, and on the viewport and high res screenshot everything goes ok, but when I try to render a sequence on movie render queue, i got some weird shadows and no reflection at all !
On my image below you can see my high res screenshot on the left and the movie render queue render on the right, even if I put the same sun and everything, those weird shadows appears just on movie render queue, i’m using a ocean waterbody, and putting the planar reflection below this, somebody has a answer to fix this? thank you!


I know this is an old topic, but I have found several on this subject without a solution. So, for others struggling with this, I found the following fixed the problem. In the Post Process Volume, set the following:

Global Illumination → Method to Lumen
Reflections → Method to Stand alone Ray Traced.

This solution was found here:

Select the camera you are using for the movie render queue and look for:
Camera Options → Post Process Blend Weight
Set this to ZERO so you don’t override your post process on the scene.