Issues with sequence recorder

Hi , i put this in feedback thread but it probably looks like it would go better here. I did a sequence record on a third person project , i got past the initial freezing issue when doing s video capture , but thing is when i do the capture it creates a second version of my character and i can see him moving past my original character. Where my other character is just standing still. When recording it all seems normal. I tried the “ record to possesable “ option , where then it records the one character correctly , but the animations are then broken. He just slides and will not crouch or look around or anything. Someone mentioned using “ assign to character” with “ record to possesable” but i dont see an assign option , or am not sure what they mean. I only have a level start on the level. Odd thing is that the sequence recorder spawns a duplicate of my character , but in editor it does’nt .Any ideas? Thanks

why is the sequence recorder so attached to the actual gameplay? I moved my camera in front of the character so you wouldn’t see the character. record the sequence , save it. then move the camera back behind character for third person view , compile and save. then I set it to do once and play on the level bp and first off , when it is done ,. and control goes back to character my camera snaps into first person again, even though I moved it back behind him. also it doesn’t play once , it plays everytime I save and load a game , and this time if I am facing a different direction , that’s the way the sequence plays , so it is way out of whack. also if I add anything in the level after the sequence is recorded, that stuff shows up in the sequence too! I just want the sequence I originally recorded to play once.not with anything else in it or facing a different direction , or taking over my character camera. Whats going on with this thing?