Issues with run into idle when it stops (MOBA style)

Hi all. We have a MOBA (top down camera, click to move) where the character runs and then abruptly stops, almost like it runs passed the spot, then does this ugly return to idle. I’m guessing we need to do something like blending the return to idle better, or making an animation transition from run to idle, but not 100% sure what needs to happen. I checked League of Legends and there’s has this nice momentum feel to it. Can anyone tell me what we need to do to make this look better?

No… its something exclusive to your project in which we have absolutely 0 idea what you are doing…

That said, if you are using mouse click / nav mesh / simple move to, the character doesn’t really accelerate but moves at a constant speed because of the nature of the movement type derived form simple move to.

To add momentum like feel you would need some modicum of predictive animation techniques. You could check the other topics on the subject here, but it is a rather lengthy implementation that may be overkill for a top down game.

Additionally when you start to move, simple move-to just moves. There is no “lead” or “lag” created by pressing an input and slowly accumulating speed. This makes it way harder to use predictive animations as well since the capsule component will have already moved before it should have compared to the other implementations.

Maybe what you can do is slow it down by scripting the movement in blackboard tree differently. Rather than using simple move to…