Issues with retargeting my anim to different skeleton

Hey folks! Programmer here trying to figure out this animation issue for my team. I retargeted my new skeleton to the anims designed for the mannequin. Any ideas why this is happening?

This was funny at first. Now I just want the horror to end -_-*

Thanks in advanced!

Looks like a retargeting issue (but it could be a blender issue when seeing the warping and twisting this severe. When you created your skeleton
did you rig this skeleton up in Blender?

I believe the rig is from maximo if I am not mistaken. I brought it into 3DS max and added a root bone. I have also attempted to redirect the maximo animations that we have to this skeleton and there are no twisting issues. Also, playing around with it, the legs are no longer warped, I just cant for the life of me figure out the arms.

So it looks like my other programmer got it working. Seems as though I didn’t get the poses to match up well enough haha. If you guys are having a similar issue, check your poses!!

Poses to match? Hmm I thought it was the bones names you had to match up in Unreal Engine for doing the retargeting. Or
does 3ds Max use poses instead for matching the bones?