Issues with referencing blueprints and events, and global variables

I have the player firing a physics object which is associated with a blueprint, it goes through all of its regular physics processes (which do work fine), and then checks if the object hit is a certain mesh, if it has, it fires an event in a different blueprint that I’m using as the HUD. This is supposed to be a simple score counter.

In the HUD, when the event is fired, score=score+10. Then score is converted to a string and placed on the screen.
However the score does not go up, but there are no errors what so ever.

Does anyone know what may be causing this issue? It’s been persisting through multiple days and tutorials.

I did some more testing and I found that my casting was the thing that failed, all that it was doing was checking if the item hit was a particular mesh, and then firing the event afterwards

(I found this by asking it to play a sound if the cast succeded)