Issues with PCG and Copy Points Node


I’ve been having an issue with the Copy Points node with the PCG tools in UE5. In a video I saw, he made one large cube, a grid of smaller cubes, then used a Copy Points node to combine them. For him, there was one large cube in the center surrounded by smaller cubes. When I recreate what he did, I lose the large cube in the center. Here is a screenshot showing whats going on. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

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Heya, Points should be in local space. :slight_smile:

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I have them in local space, unfortunately that’s not what’s causing the issue (at least for me).

I have the same issue of this reddit post and I can’t really find a solution (I’ve been watching both threads for at least a month) and trying different approaches…
If in “Get Actor Data” I check “Select Multiple”, the copy node doesn’t work:

Hey @Ares9323
I encountered the same issue so I looked around and found this:
Copy Points expects that it will get exactly one source and one target. That doesn’t mean one point but one set of points.
For me when I was using GetActorData with SelectMultiple enabled, it generated two sets of points, each containing one point.

So I used Merge node to combine them together and now CopyPoints works as expected.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you so much! I was working on this exactly while you tagged me, you saved me hours of frustration!! :heart:

I didn’t even know that the “Merge node” was a thing! I would have never figured it out, I was trying to modify the create grid function in C++ :rofl:

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Hi @Poly_Ferret @torkuma @JiriBicikeve @Ares9323, I found the problem it is not in the copy points node basically you people are thinking that this is working like combing two bunch of points it is not working like that, the decision behind making was that, that it make the source points pasted on the target points the source will be like a group of points with bounds if you want to do like somewhere on youtube done it was bug at that time in pcg now it is not like that.