issues with pause menu (UMG UI Quick Start Guide)

Hey there,

I just went through the UMG Quick Start Guide and everything works fine except for the pause menu.
After clicking on “resume”, the pause menu disappears as inteded, but I can’t reopen it.
I guess that’s because PauseMenu Reference variable is still valid and passes the check because it still contains all the information, so it does not appear again on pressing M.
My idea was set the variable to like null or something. Tried that on the pause menu blueprint with the resume button pressed, but I can’t really access the variable.
I set it to public on the FirstPersoncharacter blueprint and tried using a set pause menu reference node, but it needs a target. Cast to FirstPersonCharacter doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

Thank’s in advance!

If no one has answered this by the time I get home I’ll let you know what the problem is as I’ve got one working from that same tutorial. Are you adding it to the viewport when activating it for the second time?

I’ve got a feeling from memory that I ‘remove from parent’ when resuming the game and then add it to viewport again when reactivating the pause menu.

Be home in an hour I’ll grab some screenshots of my blueprint.

ok here is the screens from my blueprints:

start pause menu part 1 (couldn’t get the whole thing into one screenshot), this is ran in the player controller:

part 2:

Resume Game (this is from the blueprint of the hud):

EDIT: sorry they’ve not come out great have they bit blurry. If you can’t read what you need on there let me know and I’ll have to do it again.

EDIT 2: cocked that up…can’t delete it either for some reason.

Gosh, I just forgot to connect the nodes from ‘is valid’ to add the stuff to the viewport again.
Thanks a lot!

Been there my friend :wink: