Issues with OBB on Google Play / No Google Play Store Key

Google Play now requires packaging with the AAB (Android App Bundle) to publish, and it seems that uploading apk + obb is not supported any more.

Our project is being built in 4.23.1, which as far as I can tell, the only way to create an AAB is to use Android Studio, navigate to the project’s Gradle files, and build from there. The keystore is correctly built, and implemented, Google Play services are enabled with the correct app ID and License Key.
Somewhere along the line, we are missing a step or setting that tells the app to download the OBB needed from Google Play, resulting in an error screen on app start-up saying “No Google Play Store Key”. After searching through the Android Project Settings, everything seems to be set up properly, and we are unable to find any possible solutions at this time.

Obb is still supported but Google encourages people to use App Bundle since it would download whatever is needed rather than whole package. You’re right, currently only way to do this is from Android Studio. Unreal 4.24 was supposed to have App Bundle feature but I guess it was delayed. Also i never got it working with armv7, only arm64 files were bundled.

If you’ve uploaded obb on console with correct apk version, it will fetch it during installing on play store (this is automated, no need to set up additional code unless it’s frequently updated like a mmo game). As far as i know, play console doesn’t accept your apk without correct keystore.