Issues with Non-Uniform Scaling on Non-Spherical Eyes

I was hoping to get a bit of insight into what’s not translating to Unreal Engine correctly, and what other approaches I can take to making the skeleton work for non-spherical eyes.
I rigged a pair of eyes in Blender which use two bones for each eye. There is a bone that controls the rotation of the eyeball, but is scaled by it’s parent bone, so the eyeball fits the head correctly.

In Blender, this is the result I get:

In Unreal Engine, this is what I get:

I’ve checked the rotation of each bone in rest position and they’re all fine. The initial pose of the skeleton is it’s default rest pose with all 1:1:1 transforms. I get the same result even when the eyes are predisposed to already be scaled for use. The animations are all baked before export. The result is the same even if they’re not.

I’m pretty stumped right now as to why the eyes are working in Blender using the skeleton only, but not in Unreal Engine. The mesh is purely controlled only by the skeleton. I’m not using any modifiers in Blender. The mesh is pre-subdivided and triangulated.

Thank you for your time!