Issues with new Editor Modes Tab

Hey guys,

I have a few issues/feedback for the new editor modes tab. It’s definitely causing people a few headaches from what I’ve seen. Overall, it can be a great direction with just a few tweaks/fixes.

Main drawbacks:

  1. clicking any of the modes brings up a new tool panel on the left. The new tool panel (for instance landscape) cannot be docked on the right. Once the editor is closed, or the tool panel is closed, the tool panel reverts to the left side rather than saving its docked position. This is very unfortunate if you’re someone like me that wants to dock all my panels on the right side. In a perfect world, the position of any docked tool panels would be saved regardless of when you switch mode.


  1. tool panels take a while to load. I presume that’s because it’s not preloaded and has to be loaded from scratch.

  2. Same settings are displayed twice. This is very confusing for new users who see all these settings and don’t realize they control the same thing.
    the original left tool panel is still present, meaning we don’t win any screen space, and we actually lose some to the new top bar. The photoshop type approach is a nice direction, but needs to be fully committed to in order to pull it off. If we’re going to have a top bar all params should be in the bar, and the tool panel on the left should be removed.


Overall, i can definitely see the benefits of the photoshop type UI for painting/sculpting and I also love the way blenders 2.8 UI works with separate modes. This definitely needs some refinement though and hopefully the issues can be addressed for that slick UI you probably have planned for UE5. :wink: (just don’t change it too much… the existing UI was awesome :wink:


+1. I see the benefit, but it feels the approach is half-baked.
the problem is I don’t think the left bar can be fully removed :frowning:

I’m not a fan of having a top toolbar or not depending on the mode. it means switching modes changes your viewport size.

in the case of the Landscape tools, Strength/Radius/Falloff are more useful on the left because of their dragbar. however I see the benefit of one icon per tool type (Sculpt, Smooth, Flatten, etc) instead of one collapsed dropdown button.

also took me a while to even understand. I didn’t see it in the 4.25 changelog and at first I didn’t see the “modes” button. I almost went crazy not finding the Landscape tool :o