Issues with Media Player on iOS

Anyone have any idea why playing movies on iOS does not work correctly on every attempt? Sometimes, I’m finding that I have to close the app and restart in order to play a video. I’ll either see a black screen or the first frame will be frozen and it won’t play.

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I have struggled with same kind of issue and would appreciate any help or tips to solve it. Tried to add delay between opening media source and playing it back to give it bit of time to load, but it does not seem to work. In editor media files loads and plays nicely.

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This has happened randomly to me too. But only on one out of six iPhones.

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Yes, the issue seems to be intermittent, but is still happening consistently on iOS. I also tried adding delay and other tricks but nothing seems to fix this synchronization issue with the media player. Every few times my client goes to use the app, the audio plays out of sync, unacceptable! I was really trying to avoid rewriting the entire app in Xcode or something just to fix this sync issue, but I guess I have to at this point with no solution in sight.