Issues with Marketplace Samples.

Relocating a question from the marketplace board to here.
Downloaded some of the Marketplace samples the other day to take a look at and some such as the Vehicle, Shooter and Strategy game samples could not be opened up. Each got a variation of these error messages. Other samples such as the Sci-fi Hallway, Ninja Runner and Cave all worked just fine.

Project modules are missing or out of date. Would you like to recompile them?
Game code could not be compiled.
The game module “VehichleFameLoadingScreen” does not appear to be up to date. This may happen after updating the engine. Please recompile this module and try again.

Took a look around the Q&A section and the forums and was unable to find anything. For reference the Engine was the 4.4.0 Version and was just from the licensed Downloader (the binary launcher I think it is referred to as) as was the sample content. Has anyone here had the same issues and if so were there any solutions?