Issues with inverse side of Two-sided material rendering on top

Hi y’all, and thanks in advance for helping me out.

I’m brand new to Unreal and I’m sorta teaching myself as I go, so apologies if this is a simple question. Here is a short video of what’s going on:

I’m currently working on a grid/cell structure that is being generated using procedural mesh components. Because Cell mode is more of a 3D structure, I have two-sided turned on so that when the camera rotates, all sides of the cell structure are still visible.

However, when the back side of the cell structure is facing the camera, the bottom lines are being incorrectly drawn in front of the upper ones where they overlap (In the video all the bright red lines are supposed to be rendering on top/in front but they only do so when viewed in one direction) I’m clueless as to why this is happening and I’m not sure where to even start to fix it. Google searches haven’t turned up anything relevant.

Here’s what I have so far for my material. The BoxMask-3D bit plugged into Opacity is just to enable scrolling up and down the cell layers, the rest is to create the gradient seen in the video:

Assistance would really be appreciated!
Thanks so much.

Ok, after doing some research, apparently transparent 2-sided objects have some issues with pixel depth, so I switched to using a masked material with Opacity Mask rather than Opacity and this fixed the issue.