Issues with instanced static meshes on 4.13

I have this contraption working in 4.11.2 where I manually place meshes on the level, tag them, then drop in BP actor and all tagged meshes get replaced with instanced static meshes:

Works as expected (except for that yellow print in the log).

I brought the same BP into 4.13 (and instead of hierarchical instanced static mesh I used instanced static mesh; same thing from BP point of view). Sure enough, I got a mess going:

Instead of creating as many instances as there are tagged static meshes, BP creates **** load of instances, randomly oriented and placed.

Is it broken in 4.13 ?

If it’s my BP issue, what am I doing wrong ?


Bug report:

Can someone confirm please ?

So, no one filters arrays with actors by actors’ tag nowadays? :confused: :frowning: