Issues with importing after I started using IK and Nurbs

I’m new to nurbs/IK and skeletal meshes. I’ve been able to import a mesh before I added the nurbs and IK to it, but now I’ve added IK handles and nurbs to make my animating easier. However, now when I try to import it I get the standard “Cannot import … Can’t create asset…” error. Its the same model as before. I added the IK and nurbs after I weighted my mesh, which I don’t see why that would be a problem but just incase anyone sees an issue with that.

Here is my outliner:

Here is my export settings (FBX 2014):

What is the correct procedure when importing a skeletal mesh that has nurbs/IK on it?

Oh, also, when I try to export an animation without the other stuff, I get a “Complex Animation baked” error, but its only a warning; still exports.

Ok, so my problem was actually nothing to do with animating. For some reason it wouldn’t read from that folder. I had to move it to a different folder (I used my project folder), because in the output log it said “couldn’t find… for import”.

But now I have another problem, that definitely is an animating issue. My animation when imported to UE4 is twice as fast as it was in Maya. I’m sure this is a simple fix but I cannot find it. Any help?

Check if you have the play rate in maya set to realtime and see if it plays the same speed

I have my Maya set to “NTSC (30FPS)”. Still new to this, so I don’t know what what “real time” means xD