Issues with HTML5 builds since 4.6


I posted a while back about getting an HTML5 build up and running, and I’m encountering errors again. I’ve been struggling with properly updating the source code to version 4.6. The project I’m looking to package and deploy is made completely with blueprints.

I have followed the instructions completely posted in this thread: UE4 4.5 cannot launch to HTML5 - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

I have downloaded and re-downloaded and compiled the source code at least 7-10 times (Development and Shipping for Win64 and failing on HTML5), installed and uninstalled different versions (and properly activated the version via the emscripten command prompt) of emscripten (1.22.0 and 1.25.0), so I apologize if my frustration with getting this down correctly comes off in a negative way.

Here are some more details I’ve come across:

When attempting to use Emscripten 1.22.0, the source code no longer gives me an option to compile for HTML5, and requests that I update to version 1.25.0.

When updating to version 1.25.0, the HTML5 build option becomes available to me, but I’m receiving a build error that looks something like this:

I’m aware that this build step is vital to creating the HTML5 folder that’s needed, and not too sure if I installed something improperly, improperly updated the source code, or what it could be at this point. It’s becoming increasingly more frustrating and harder to pin-point what my issue is, and it feels like i’m just overlooking a small detail.

Any help on this issue and more detail on how to properly update the source code between versions is very much appreciated and I thank you ahead of time.

Hi Vormis,

Are you still seeing this issue? Have you updated to the newest version of the editor? We are at 4.7.5 now.