Issues with Hair and Physsics Asset

Is there a way to get hair to collide with something other than the spheres, boxes and capsules in the physics asset? The mesh collider options don’t seem to work. And there seems to be no predictable way to size the spheres or capsules. Scaling them does not work.

Seems also that hair should collide with props right? How would you get that to work. I tried setting up an object with collision and it did not seem to work.

To illustrate this:

The mesh option has no effect.

The size of the primitives are fairly random from what I can tell. And scaling them has no effect. So you can’t really tweak collisions at all.

if I delete that sphere you can see the effect it had.

You can delete primitives, add and move or rotate them. Even use capsules or boxes. But you are left with the sizes given and the result is not adequate.

Is there another way to add collisions for the hair?