Issues with 'Get Controlled Pawn' node

I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with the Get Controlled Pawn node.
Right now, no matter what I do, it’s showing ‘none’ in my AI Controller when I use it causing my castings to fail.
This has never happened before.
I restarted the editor and no luck.
Any idea would help


Anyone has an idea on how to resolve this? It seems to only happen in one of my projects.

Every actor has a setting in the Details panel that is set to spawn the AI Controller when the actor is placed in world or spawned or both. Next to that setting you can set your own AI Controller class. One of these two or both of these settings might be wrongly set.

One solution (if I understand the problem) was found here was that it would work IF you set the pawn from within the actor itself (ie get the controller, cast to the controller class, then set the pawn that way). I’m not sure why, but this does work.