Issues with DefaultSceneRoot of blueprints

When I trying make to various projectiles in blueprints the DefaultSceneRoot or what you replace it with affects how it handles collisions.

If I kept the SceneRoot, even when using Event Hit or OnComponentHit the object would skip over objects that the same class projectile hit before it; as well as shoving or displacing objects it passes through.

Or if I made my mesh for the blueprint to replace it, I couldn’t edit the scale or rotation of it, but It kept the rotation to inherits to childs of it (if I edited it and then made it the root), so the new mesh attached was pointed 180 instead of the 90 it need. (Didn’t see any effects to scale of childs)

Not sure if its just causing me grief or I’m just not understanding something about the editor or objects

HI ,

What settings are you using in your projectile component? These should be the primary settings that affect what your component registers for hits, overlaps, etc.

Have you tried setting the collision settings to “projectile” instead of “blockall”, do you see any difference in the behavior?

Projectile doesn’t seem to be an option

If you set the collision preset to Custom you should be able to set the Object Type to Projectile.

Also nope, ya i also confused why the twin stick templete had projectile options but not others


You can create a custom object type for Projectile in the Project Settings>Collision. After doing so, you should be able to define how the projectile interacts with other objects based on its object type.

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.

Sorry for the hella long reply, but I bought a video of the issue.

Did you try creating a custom projectile object type as detailed above?

Yes that video uses the custom channels

Can you send me a sample project this is occurring in? I’ll be happy to take a look and see what may be going on.

Does a of the project work?

I checked through your project and I believe you are running into a common issue with projectile collision. Try this:

Add a sphere collision component that is set to OverlapAllDynamic

After doing so, add an OnComponentOverlap(Sphere) node. Additionally, you need to switch the particle emitter node and destroy actor node, having them in the current order will most likely lead to a NULL pointer, which can cause complications later in development.

As you can see, you can pull the sphere close to the projectile so the projectile doesn’t get destroyed prematurely and it will give you finer control over the projectile’s actions. Please try this and see if it addresses the current problem you are facing.

I guess that works but feels sad that the hit functions incorrectly

Sorry, but I think this is a very, very common Issue, If you would have searched the web for it, you should come across at least 30 topics about this. Staff also should be able to indicate that from the first post. you find for example an explanation and a workaround for it - “Set updated Component” (I haven’t used that personally, I just always set a Static Mesh as root component). If you want the Rootmesh to appear in the right direction and rotation you have to A: export the mesh correctly and B: spawn the mesh with the right transform that it moves the way you want.Alternatively you can also use a Invisible Collider as Root component and just add your mesh as visualchild only - then you have correct collision and a visible mesh that you can rotate in any direction.