Issues with Decorators checking every tick

So I have this TestDecorator which I want perform the condition check not just when entering a behavior tree node, but on every tick:

As you can read [in this discussion,][2] bCheckConditionOblyBlackBoardChanges has to be false in order for this to work.

The scenario is simply an NPC following the player. Which is implemented through this behavior tree:


What I get is the expected behavior. “Decorator executed.” is printed constantly.

Now I change the behavior tree a tiny bit:


AttackLocation is never set, so this node is always skipped. and Move To is executed, which should yield the same behavior.

However, it does not. Now the decorators function PerformConditionCheckAI is only executed at the beginning of the task, not every tick, which is exactly what I didn’t want.

Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks!


Thanks for nailing it down. I was able to easily repro it locally and we’ve already identified the root cause. We’re aiming to fix it for 4.7.3.



Thank you very much.


Just to confirm, the fix will ship with 4.7.3 (today-ish).