Issues with ConvetMouseLocationToWorldSpace

I am a complete noob at unreal, I just started yesterday lol. I want to make a minecraft-like block placement system but I am having this issue where when I use the ConvetMouseLocationToWorldSpace it just returns my current position? Here is a video to explain the issue:
I hope I am being clear enough.
Thanks everyone :smiley:

You need to use the location and direction returned from **ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace **to run a line trace into the world, giving you the intersection point between your mouse and the ground. The World Location pin is just giving the mouse’s location along the camera’s view plane.

Alternatively, you can use Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel or Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Object to return the location you need.

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Yay it works now :smiley: Thanks so much :slight_smile: