Issues with communicating/executing events between blueprints - and debug

I’ve been trying to get the player character to equip and item when he runs over it, though when I try to call “MyCharacter” blueprint from the item I want to equip which otherwise ends up getting destroyed, nothing happens at all.
I’ve been following the tutorials on youtube and such, and saw that this was done similar to mine, yet my blueprint isn’t fired at all.

Another thing I noticed is when I run the game through play, the blueprints doesn’t show which events are fired (you know the lines between the events and all that doesn’t turn red with dots moving) - any reason for this, and is there a way to fix it ?


Right so - I just found the documention on attaching objects to actors and such - So I believe I got that covered now atleast - though I’m still having issues with the nodes not showing when they fire

for debug, in the “My character” click play and change Debug Filter, you must do that each time you want debug.