Issues with character movement and imported FBX file

I am fairly new at Unreal and have been following along in tutorials to try and create photo realistic walk through of our architecture projects. I have successfully created a working, moving character, however whenever i import my FBX Scene the character no longer moves. I am able to alter the spawn point and “jiggle” the character around a bit, but not actually move. Tldr; Character moves fine when imported scene is not in project, but as soon as its imported in I spawn but am no longer able to move.

Scene was Exported from Revit 2017 to 3ds max to UR4.
There is no BP logic in the scene it is just components.(over 5000, i know it’s a lot)
I used the official online tutorial to set up my character.
Used the official tutorial to create game scene/default pawns.

I did also notice, when i possess my character outside of “play”, it flies straight up into the air. This does not happen inside of play mode.

I did migrate the character BP into a new project and it works like it is meant to.

I can add any additional information needed, i just don’t have an idea what would be helpful.

Thank You

Hey Nixtuas,

By default, UE4 generates simplified colliders automatically for your imported meshes. You might want to use your initial geometry for the colliders instead.

  • Select all your meshes at once in the Content Browser
  • Right-click any of them and select Property Matrix in the pop-up menu
  • Ctrl+A in the property editor to select all
  • Change Collision Complexity in the right-hand panel to the desired value
  • Ctrl+S to save changes to all the meshes

And you will be able to freely move in your scene. :slight_smile:

You can also check the collisions by activating “Collisions” in the Show drop down list of your editor, or by pressing Alt+C.