Issues With Camera and Socket Scaling with Third Person Character Skeletal Mesh Blender Import

Hey guys, I’ve been having a recurring issue in which my character stays the size I want him to, but everything I apply to the bones is scaled abnormally. This goes for sockets, cameras, etc. I’m using UE4.18. I’m just curious as to what is causing this problem. Below is an example comparing two scenarios. One of the images is of the character I made and imported into UE4, the other is the default TPS character.

In this image, the camera is huge, about 100 times larger than it is with the default mannequin. The follow camera scale stays the same (1), and the skeletal mesh is the same size as that of the UE4 mannequin. The character skeletal mesh scale is set to 1 as well.

Here is an image of the UE4 Mannequin using the camera with the same scale values as in the previous screenshot. However, the camera in this image fits the character much better, and is not 100 times to big. I must note that the follow cameras in both pictures are parented to the “head” bone of each rig. I’m also using UE4.18.

I’ve tried applying the rotation and scale of the armature and mesh inside of blender, but it didn’t fix anything. I made sure that for the export options, I made the forward axis -y, and the vertical axis z. Then, for my import options, I kept the character scale I imported the mesh and rig.

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Hello! I’m facing the same problem, have you found a solution? :slight_smile:

please if you find it please help me