Issues with BP GetOverlappingActors. Not returning values when they should

Hello All,

So…I’m having this problem with GetOverlappingActors not returning any actors when it should. I have a weapon spawner (depicted by the Dragon Head in the editor pics below) and I am trying to get all of the actors that are overlapping the spawner (which has a collision component attached ((which is set to DynamicOverlapAll))). GetOverlappingActors appears to be returning an empty array, when it should have at least one element in the array, (as shown in the third picture below.)

Anybody have any ideas what may be causing this?

Still needing help with this. I have no idea what is going on here. I have tried declaring the UBoxComponent in C++ and calling[Roughly] BoxComponent->GetOverlappingActors(OverlappingActorsArray). I don’y know why no overlapping is being detected and both the Pistol’s Sphere Component and the Spawner’s Box Component are set to OverlapAll and GenerateOverlapEvents is set to true.

Hi there,

Have you had any success with this? I have kind of the same problem.

I did notice you are not specifying any class filter for Get Overlapping Actors. Try filtering it to something you know is overlapping it to see if you get any results.

Having the same issue :frowning:

I just saw this question from quite a while ago. I’m really sorry that I can’t help here. I’m fairly sure that I figured out this issue at some point, but the project that this question was based on has basically fallen prey to broken window syndrome, so I can’t even load it up in editor anymore. My apologies. If I even to happen to figure out how I resolved this issue, I’ll definitely post about it.

In case anybody else has that problem:

Make sure you have Generate Overlap Events enabled for the overlapping actor as well as the actors being overlapped. And that the overlapped actors are, in fact, set to Movable if you use OverlapAllDynamic.