Issues with audio playback on PS4

I’m running into a strange issue where I have no audio playing back on PS4 in the PSVR package. I’m using UE4 4.15.1-release and PS4 SDK 4.0. I have audio from UE4, FMOD Low Level, and FMOD studio and none of them playback by default. Everything works just fine on Windows. I am certain my headphones are connected properly to the PSVR headset because I can hear the PS4 Home screen background music before launching my game. I’ve tried launching from the editor too and the result is consistent with the package; no audio playback.

However, when I switch off the PSVR headset mid-game and switch it back on I can hear audio from FMOD low and UE4 audio assets. FMOD studio is still silent. I contacted FMOD support and sent them my PS4 code and they were able to run the game with the audio playing back just fine. Our submission date is coming up pretty soon and we’d like to get this figured out asap. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Note: I have made a post in the UE4’s PS4 forum as well