Issues with audio capture in VR

I’m having some issues with the audio capture component…

In a VR project, when a player speaks, I have to get his volume. In order to do so I’m using OnAudioEnvelopeValue event, and for now just connect a printstring to the Envelope Value to see the volume.

Problem 1: When talking loud, the numbers in the printstring are getting only to 0.02 which is very low, any idea why ? Nothing is blocking the mic of the HMD (Oculus 2)

Problem 2, which is critical: When I produce a long sound in a steady volume (as much as I can), the volume starts at 0.02, after a second it goes down to 0.001, after another second to 0.0001…and than it goes even lower. Any idea why ?

This is happening on 2 different projects