Issues with Anim Replication in UE5 using Lyra Animations

I thought I would try to add the lyra animations to my existing project I have migrated to UE5 to learn how they work and have it works locally but running into issues when replicating. And curious if the Lyra Anims are possibly being replicated in C++ is why I am having issues?

Locally and on the server the characters are animated fine. But on the client they are stuck in A Pose

I have checked the animation blueprint and the base mesh I have set as component replicates, and the Animation blueprint is the ABP Mannequin Base.

I then thought maybe it needs to replicate the BP from the start so I added some replication events to call server, but the following updates locally and for the server but not to other clients.

I am kind of stumped if anyone can help. I’ll update if I can figure this out but thought I would ask here to see if anyone else has experienced.

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Kind of in the same boat.
While I am not using the Lyra animations, I was setting up my own things in a similar fashion by using the Blueprint Thread Safe Update Animation. But nothing replicates for me either. I suppose it’s somewhere in the property access that the values you get there are not replicated, but I have no idea how to modify that. Let me know if you got something please!

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[HOW TO] Replicating Lyra Animations In Clean Project - #2 by II_KiAx_F0X_II I posted a fix to this issue here