Issues with Adding Streaming Levels for team members

I have a large theme park level that I’d like other team members to begin working on. I’d like each ‘land’ to be a streaming level so teammates can focus on each part. The final output will be rendered flyovers. I have setup camera paths to render out for flyovers in the different ‘lands’ and now I’d like to share with a team to begin work.

However, I’m unable to create any levels to add to the persistent level without Unreal crashing.
I select the actors to create the level from and ‘crash’…
I go to add a new blank level and… ‘crash’
I can’t seem to find a way to break up this massive scene into more manage parts.

Any ideas of why Unreal isn’t letting me do this? Level streaming is a new concept for me, so perhaps I’m not grasping the idea correctly.

I got it to work by not using the covert selection to level I ended up creating ‘empty’ levels then cutting an pasting assets to it. works fine now