Issues with 4.16 Cloth

Hi there, I’ve recently got hold of 4.16 and have been trying to put cloth onto my character for a game I am working on. However I am encountering a few problems. First off, I’m really glad that they’ve implemented this system as I could not for the life of me get Apex to work in maya.

Basically, I assign different materials for my mesh, so that i can easily distinguish the hat and skirt for the character. So i creating the clothing asset, however when I go to assign the weighting to the object it appears like this

I don’t know what is causing it, as the other people i’ve seen using it, the mesh is always still attached to the character in the correct place.

Secondly, when it comes to the collision objects, I assign them to the character in the correct places i.e. the shoulders/head for the hat and the hips and thighs for the skirt. However Unreal never seems to respect these. Either it locks in what the collision mesh looked like first. Even when I decrease the collision object size. Or it just seems to ignore it.

I know this system is fairly new, but if anyone has any ideas to help solve this, I would be most grateful.


Yeah the first bug i get from time to time too, but since its (for me atleast) just weird and dont have any effect on the end product i just kinda work with it.

BUT the second issue there buddy, the problem is that the cloth dont update the collision when you change it, you gotha change the collision stuff, go back to the “cloth creation” create a new cloth piece, assign the pshicsAsset and test.

for some reason you gotha do this everytime you change the pysicsasset. Its kinda annoying, but heard from a dev in another thread that this is somthing that gets fixed “down the line” :slight_smile: