Issues setting up Eclipse for C++ (Ubuntu 14.04)

Hey all!

I’ve used UE4 quite a few times in a Windows environment, but I’m now required to use it under Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). As I understand, Linux support is quite limited, when comparing to Windows/Mac. However, I’ve been reading the forums and other questions and all my findings seem to suggest that Eclipse can be integrated with the Engine pretty easily. So maybe I’m missing some key information here…

Here’s what I’ve done thus far:

  • Downloaded UE4 from GitHub’s master branch and installed it
  • Downloaded the “EclipseSourceCodeAccess”, placed it inside the Engine/Plugins/Developer, and exported UE4_ECLIPSE_BINARY so it has Eclipse’s path
  • Rebuilt the engine (“make UE4Editor”)

If I create a new blueprint object, the Editor loads normally. If I add a new C++ class and try to edit it, Eclipse pops up, although no new project appears in my workspace: just the mere .cpp and .h files of my class.

If I create a new C++ project, the Editor won’t even finish up loading. Instead, I noticed that a Code.Blocks project file is created (*.workplace) . I didn’t even have Code.Blocks installed, but just for the sake of it, I’ve installed it and tried to run the project file. No luck there either: I don’t even get any source code to show up on the IDE.

I was expecting to be able to get a somewhat similar work-flow as in Windows/VS (i.e., at least work with proper auto-complete and have some debugging tools). Is that possible in Linux? Are there any aditional steps that I’m missing here? All the help I was able to find stopped at the “EclipseSourceAccess” plugin, so at this point I’m a bit lost.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

On Linux, probably the most usable IDEs for UE4 are QtCreator (what I use) and CodeLite (what a few prominent community members, notably Yaakuro, use). Eclipse integration is community developed and as such I cannot speak for its current state.

Also, probably our internal usage is slightly different from what you are accustomed to. We will try to improve on that.

P.S. I suggest using a release branch rather than master.

Thank you so much for your reply!

I was hopeful that I could stick with Eclipse, but apparently switching to another one might be an easier solution.
Unfortunately I’m doing this in my work computer, which I won’t have access to during the weekend. But i’ll try a new IDE as soon as possible next week.

And I’ll also try a release branch as suggested.
Thank you once again!

A bit of an update to my situation:

I’ve ended up fetching an older version of the engine (4.12) from GitHub and build the entire engine from scratch. I’ve also given up on Eclipse and am now trying to use CodeLite, with the help of Yaakuro’s tutorials.

I’m still figuring out how to properly work with it (mainly being able to perform debugging code within the IDE…that’s giving me a bit of a hard time for now) but at least I’m now able to build and run my UE project from within CodeLite.

Could you please explain why you rolled back to an older version?

While I was googling for a solution, I remember reading somewhere that, for Ubuntu 14.04, I shouldn’t use the latest version…? I’m not exactly sure where I read this, and in the middle of dozens of searches, my memory about what I read can be a quite fuzzy… :slight_smile:

So, other than me probably mis-reading information, I should be able to get the same IDE setup with the newest engine version in Ubuntu 14.04? I don’t mind trying the same process with the latest release branch, just for the sake of clarification.

Sorry for taking quite a long time to get back to this issue, I’ve unfortunately been busy in other projects. However, I’m happy to report that I’ve just tested my simple setup with the latest release branch and everything seems ok thus far. I’ll stick with CodeLite for the time being :slight_smile: