Issues selecting multiple faces in "brush editing" mode

I have had a difficult time in selecting multiple faces in “brush editing” mode.

01: Currently ctrl clicking each face to extrude is my only option - yet its a hit and miss whether it wants to select or not.

  • In the screenshot below you will see a greyed out face that just did not want to be selected… happens quite frequently.
    (After repeated tries, it may work, moving camera - may or may not work, etc.

It can even click what is behind an object, (i.e. its facing you, but it thinks you want an angle behind it)
Strange, as you think you would have to rotate around, and it would know that the box closest, the whole area is available for selecting.

02: I thought a fast way to select, without accidentally clicking unwanted objects, would be the orthographic view ports.

  • As shown in the second screenshot:
    a: yes, you can see what was highlighted (previously from the perspective mode)…
    b: … but cannot select the face in the top down mode - or any.
    (I kinda get it, as there are layers you cant go through - but the top should still be accessible.

Thanks in advance for the read and help regarding this!