Issues saving graphics settings

So I have been trying to get saving graphics settings working for my main menu for a few days now and it just refuses to actually work.

No save file is created when it should be and so nothing is loaded.

here is my main menu blueprint (yes i realise it is very messy currently)

I’m just not sure where it’s going wrong and it’s starting to frustrate me. If anyone could help they would have my eternal gratitude.

I can’t seem to navigate around that website on my macbook. I can’t scroll left or right or up and down and only barely zoom in and out.

****, perhaps it’s windows only or doesn’t work with Safari?

I’ll try when I get home on my windows machine

thank you!

Hello tamaster92, I may not be of much technical help but I am setting up my graphics saves at this point in time and I was using this video tutorial. Maybe you can take a look and get some tips from it!