Issues Saving Graphics Settings

So I have been trying to get saving graphics settings working for my main menu for a few days now and it just refuses to actually work.

No save file is created when it should be and so nothing is loaded.

here is my main menu blueprint (yes i realise it is very messy currently) d__RQTFb posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

I’m just not sure where it’s going wrong and it’s starting to frustrate me. If anyone could help they would have my eternal gratitude.

bump? my saving system for high scores is also not saving so i must be messing up somewhere but i have no idea where

This script is so hard to read… By the way, the save game is created elsewhere? Because when you use “does save game exist” if it return false you don’t do anything, so he will just stop there. Just asking you 2 things:

  1. clear a bit that blueprint…
  2. use screenshot from the engine, they are more clear

I did note that it was VERY messy to be fair :slight_smile:

and no - the savegame is created only there - it doesnt return on false because if there isnt a savegame it should just load the default settings - which it already does.

The problem is that no savegame is being created at all. But I clearly tell it to there? This is my first time using saves and it is really confusing and there is’t any simple tutorials or explanations

I think that the best solution is:

  1. Create the savegame if it doesn’t exist.
  2. Create a function that read the value into the savegame and set the settings using them
  3. Create the savegame with default value, so if the user doensn’t modify it there are the default settings.
  4. Create the function for modify the values into savegame

PS: For create the savegame file you need to

“Create save game object” and then “Save game object”, i don’t really remember if the name of the node are those, but something similar