Issues Retargetting Live Link Data from Brekel Body v3

I would like to preface this by saying, I am a begginer to Unreal Engine.

I have been trying to set up real time motion capture using a handful of X-Box Kinects. The software I found which is able to produce live stream data to unreal engine is Brekel Body v3. I have been able to get the default “Brekel” Skeleton working with live link (using an animation blueprint) inside of Unreal Engine 4 and 5. However, I have not been able to correctly retarget the skeleton onto a different rig.

I followed serveral tutorials on retargetting in Unreal Engine 4, retargetting the default “Brekel” skeleton to the Unreal Mannequin. I used the retargetting manager to set the “Humanoid Rig” for both skeletons. However, the only bone that would move on the retargetted mannequin was the head. I noticed that the head was the only bone that shared the same name for the mannequin and the brekel skeleton.

So I found a mixamo rig with the same names for all of the bones as the brekel skeleton. Now all of the body parts move, but the retargetted model is extremely disfigured (see photos). This leads me to beleive that the live link plugin is somehow ignoring the retargetting process. Even after removing most of the bones from the hummanoid rig, all bones continued to move in a disfigured manner. I have attatched the project file below.

Before Retargetting

After Retargetting

Project File

Is there something I am doing wrong in the retargetting process?

I am happy to provide any additional information. :slight_smile:

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I’m newer than you :wink:

But I think I know your problem.

I’m stealing your project to work from as a base - and am trying to make ik rigs and a retargetter (which… WHY EPIC? WHY CAN’T I JUST SHOVE A RETARGETTER INTO THE LIVE STREAM Blueprint FLOW???).

I’m betting that your shoulder is part of your arm.

And your hips are part of your legs.

Separate them - and you should be good.

I cloned your animation blueprint (to a Daz character) and had the same disfigurement.

Doing the ik rig stuff fixed the arms and legs…

But now only the neck moves with a brekel data feed, and the lower part of their body is below the floor in the rig preview (they stand on the floor and just give head movement when in the main project).

I’ll fuss with it more tonight - probably with a ue5 mannequin - since there’s some Daz post processing going on that I don’t understand.

Once we have a working ue5 Manny, we should be able to get brekel working with pretty much anything.

If I fail tonight, I’ll ask the brekel dev about modifying the data output to name match the ue5 assets.

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