Issues recording sequences through the use of VR tracking

I’ve been trying to setup a system to capture the movement of a vr pawn. I have a system working where I can record the pawns position in world space, but for the purposes of this project I need to record the tracking data of the object with a local offset acting as the zero place. I’v got a setup working where I can use local offset and have the vr pawn use that as its zero and it works for the visual aspect, but when I go this route the recording for position data doesn’t move from the location of the pawns start. The only idea I have left is to reset the position of world objects so that the position set as the local offset moves to 0,0,0 and the rest of the world objects are moved around it accordingly. I would prefer to stay away from this option as that would be a pretty heavy solution for this problem. Any help is much appreciated.

I figured it out. If anyone else is having this issue not only do you need to add an additional actor as the parent (I used a pawn blueprint), but you also need to record the parent and the child for tracking to function correctly. After that step Unreal seems to be able to figure out the correct placement.