Issues moving a particle system

I’m trying to move a particle system using SetWorldLocationAndRotation. The particle system is a component of my player character and needs to appear at a location that the player character is looking at (and move with the the player’s vision). I’m having issues where sometimes the particles system just doesn’t move even though it is being given the proper Location (instead it just stays at the old location). This seems to happen most frequently when trying to move the particle system from a location outside of the current view frustum to a location within the current view frustum. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if there is something else I should be trying.

Thanks, I’m assuming you’re referring to how we’re setting the location of the particle system? Right now to set the location I am doing a ray trace following the forward direction of the camera which is working fine (except 10% of the time when it doesn’t do anything).

I think you drag the component on to the camera component to make it a child of the camera.

Oh, I see what you mean. Just lock the particle in front of the camera when it’s not needing to be updated. I’ll try that.

EDIT: That worked, but only while the particle was visible (unfortunately I need it to be invisible when it’s not needed).

The fix that ended up working for me: Keeping the particle system in the view frustum even when not needed, and toggling active on and off to hide particle when not needed rather than toggling visibility on and off.