Issues in "Required texture resolution" mode


I’m using the “required texture resolution” mode so I can visualize how to optimize my texture resolution in my interior scene.
The most textures behave normal in this view mode. When I zoom out from the objects they get green (too high texture resolution/I need to decrease the texture res.)
and they get orange/red when I zoom in/come close to the object.

But this is not happening with my floor (detached woodplanks/not a combined floor) which is constantly red (too low texture res) regardless how much I zoom out from the object. The floor texture is 4096x4096 so it’s definitely too high and not too low that the red color normally indicates.

If I try to import the woodplanks in a new blank unreal scene the “required texture resolution” mode works fine (zoom out/green color, zoom in/orange,red).

I really don’t know how to fix this.

Maybe someone here can give me some advice :).