issues importing morph target animations from maya to unreal

all morphs are importing but animation data linked to inbetweens in shape editor are not working ( importing to unreal it just does the target animation ignoring the inbetween ). and all the joint links to morphs done in pose editor of maya are also not importing.

is there a possible way to make them work

Hey we just spent 2 days trying to figure this out…just try reimporting your skeletal mesh after you have brought it in the first time…don’t know why but this seems to fix the issue

It sounds to me as if the Maya export didn’t work correctly. The FBX exporter does a terrible job with blendshapes and sometimes requires some extra work to get it all right. Did you try opening the exported .FBX in Maya to check if it contains the correct blendshape animation curves? If it doesn’t, and if Warrior9VRs suggestion doesn’t do the trick, baking the animation before exporting it might help (Edit > Keys > Bake Simulation).