Issues creating a score counter


I’m trying to create a simple score counter for some blueprints practice. I’ve set up a soccer ball and a soccer goal. In my soccer goal BP, I’ve set up a score int so when the balls goes into the goal, it adds one to the score. As you can see below, I’ve set up a print string for testing, and it accurately displays the score.

However, for some reason the score isn’t showing up in my HUD. The widget itself is displaying, but the actual score counter is not for some reason. Below is the BP for the score counter in the widget.

Any ideas for this? Thanks!

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check if the cast succeeds by putting a print string on the cast failed node

Thanks, it seems the cast is failing.

I’ve set the object wildcard as an actor reference. I’ve also tried setting it as a direct object reference to my other BP. Neither method seem to be working.

You have any ideas what could be the issue?

Create score variable in widget and updated score in player class