Issues changing Paragon Character's JumpZVelocity in Editor

I added Paragon: Feng Mao to a third person template project and wanted to change his jump height. Looking around, I found the way to do it was to change JumpZVelocity in the inherited CharacterMovement component of the FengMaoPlayerCharacter. His jump height started at 300 but I wanted to increase it to something bigger so I set it to 1000.


However, when I compiled and ran I did not notice any difference in his jump height. When I added a print statement to print out the JumpZVelocity

The value it printed is 600, which is neither the new value I set or the value it had before I changed it. If I drag off the character movement and set the JumpZVelocity to 1000

It correctly changes the value and my character jumps higher. This same issue occurred when I tested with Shinbi as well as Crunch. I did the same test on the ThirdPersonCharacter BP that comes with the template project, and changing the value like in the first picture works for that character.

Is there something with the Paragon Character assets that is keeping me from changing this value in the editor and making me do it with blueprint scripts?

Strangely, I was able to change the AirControl from .2 to any other value and it would correctly change when playing in editor, so it seems to just be happening when I change JumpZVelocity.