Issues aligning normal map with base color texture

Ok so this is currently what I have got in the material editor.

And this is the alignment (Bumps are supposed to be aligned with the mountains/elevated terrain):

Kind of lost at this point on what to do. (Still somewhat new to UE4)

You’re using the Rotator to rotate the Base Color texture’s coordinates, and the Normal texture is just using the TexCoord[0] coordinates. I can’t tell you how to fix it, as I have not used the DetailTexturing node, but that seems like the problem.

If you just want to use your Earth Normal Texture with your Earth Color Texture, then you usually don´t need this DetailTexturing Node. If your goal is to make the strength/intensity of your normal map scalable, then take a look at this video here :slight_smile: :

As far as i can tell, this DetailTexturing node is intented for cases, where you want mix two different textures and their normal maps, to mix in some smaller details to your main texture (like a wall, adding some more little cracks etc.)

Your Earth Normal Texture have to go into the DetailTexturing "Normal"Input, and if you have an additional Normalmap for smaller details, maybe for waves, that you want to mix all over your Earth Normalmap (including the land masses ^.^), then this would be the one going into the DetailNormal Input.
Thats why your Earth Normal is scaled by your linked Scale Parameter Param_02 (value 1.005), and therefore not matching with your Earth Color texture anymore.


Also, if your color texture and your normal map have to fit, then they should get the same UV input from your rotators and other stuff, so whatever you plug into your Color Texture UV, you would have to put it into your normal map texture UV input aswell. Altthough, for a planet, you probably don´t need rotators, since earth textures are usually aligned correct ^.^

Got it working now.

thank you for your help! :+1: