Issues after generating visual studio project file

Hi. I am using UE4.11 and visual studio 2015. when I right click on “MyProject.uproject” file and Generate visual studio project file. after reloading the code it switches on visual studio 2013 But visual studio 2013 is not installed on my computer
and also it adds (visual studio 2013) label to my project name in the solution explorer window.

I did not have this problem with UE4.10

Hey -

If you have Android or SDKs on your machine thin this is expected as they still require the 2013 compiler. To manually create a 2015 solution for your project you can run this command line argument instead:

GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2015 -project=“FullPathToUproject” -game -engine


can you tell me how to use this command line?

If you open the folder path where the project is saved you can hold shift and right click and select Open Command Windows Here. you should then be able to copy that line into the window.

that command seems to be invalid. was not recognized as an internal or external command.

Make sure you remove the quotes around the file path location and that your location is pointing directly to the .uproject file. If you are still having issues, you may want to try uninstalling any on your computer.

I did what you said and typed:
GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2015 -project= H:\Unreal Engine Projects\MyProject\MyProject.uproject -game -engine

and I also tried:

GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2015 -project= H:\Unreal Engine Projects\MyProject\MyProject -game -engine
and every other possible ways to get the result.

that is the exact path location I copied from windows explorer’s address bar.

I need

I was using UE4.10 with the same SDKs and visual studio version and I used generating project file many times without such a problem.
things are the same as before on my computer except Unreal version so I don’t think that the problem is about SDK and its stuffs

After further testing I was able to convert a 2013 solution for a binary version of the engine. To do so I had to navigate to where the binary engine is installed and then follow the file path to Epic Games\4.11\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\ . Opening the command prompt window in this location, the following command was able to build the solution for me:

UnrealBuildTool.exe -2015 -projectfiles -project=“” -game -rocket -progress

This is essentially the process that runs when you select Generate Visual Studio project files. The quotes in the file path are necessary only if there is a space in the folder structure leading to the project.