Issue: Yellow/Green dots in Unreal Engine 4

Hey there,

So, I have recently started using Unreal Engine 4, and came across this one anoying issue.
For some reason, whenever I select an object, I see yellow/green dots all over the screen. (See image)
When I select another object, I will see more, or less of these dots. I don’t know what decides the amount of dots I see.
Is there a known way of fixing this issue? I couldn’t find anything about it online.

Thank you!

Does this still happen after all the shaders are compiled?
You could also try posting to AnswerHub

I’ve encountered something similar before. It’s like the orange yellow outline got scattered into the form of the dots. Try moving the project contents into a separate, second folder, create a new project, then migrate those contents to the new project folder. Or create a new project, and migrate the previous project’s contents to the new folder. I’m guessing there’s an undetected error that is breaking the action of selecting an object in the project.