Issue with windows scaling on high resolution displays

After having issues with everything looking subpar in my game on UE5, I was playing around with my windows scaling settings and discovered that UE5 is being scaled by Windows. Is this intended behavior?

The behavior I’d expect from UE5 would be that if the windows scaling settings are set to 150% for example, the UI is drawn accordingly with larger fonts/elements and the editor window renders at native resolution. Instead it seems like the game and editor window both render at a much lower resolution, then get scaled up by Windows which causes them to become blurry. This gets further compounded by the editor having its own scaling settings for the viewport which seems to cause the final image to have been upscaled twice which results in a very low quality image and worse performance.

This can be fixed by adjusting the windows compatibility settings for UE5 but this seems like something that the application should be handling properly itself.