Issue with website logout loop

I went to Unreal Learn from the Epic Launcher and the site loaded okay and I am logged in properly.
However as soon as I click any link such as to look at events the page goes into a logout loop.
It never logs me out but the page goes blank and the URL line keeps refreshing with logout redirect as shown in the link below.
I have cleared cache and tried to logout from site upon getting there from the launcher but the same thing happens. So I close the page use the launcher and I can get to the site but again as soon as I click a link in the menu it goes into the redir logout loop. I was trying to find info on the Ninja Blueprint event or anything other than the landing page for learning. I can access anything within the learning area but as soon as I try to go anywhere else I get the logout loop at Epic Games

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Just an addition to the original post. I receive your emails about winning a badge though I actually won two. Anyway it has a link to start another course in the email and when I click I don’t reach the site the webpage just goes into the logout loop. This is making it hard to access information or participate in events.

And another thing, the loop is now happening if I try to go to news from within the launcher.

hello, did you find a solution to this? it’s very tedious and prevents me from browsing assets in the unreal engine store.

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This happens to me as well. Other Epic sites are okay, but as soon as I slick on a link related to Unreal Engine, it gets stuck in a logout loop. Happens on both Chrome and Edge.

The recoursive loop still exists in 2023…

I have the idea that it is a problem with htaccess or a router function of the unreal site

I am in linux chrome

That someone fix it! :sweat_smile: